A.J. Casson, ‘Mill House’, 1991, Fifteen Gallery

Alfred Joseph Casson (1898 – 1992) was the youngest member of the Canadian Group of Seven. He joined the group in 1926 at the invitation of Franklin Carmichael and is best known for his depictions of landscapes, forests and villages of Ontario.

A. J. Casson was a humble man who was displeased that the demand for his paintings increased prices to such an extent that they were beyond the reach of most Canadians. Casson pioneered the introduction of limited edition reproductions of fine artists to enable more Canadians to have immediate and affordable access to his works of art.

As a very fine printer by trade, Casson appreciated the exceptional workmanship of the brilliant master printer M. Bernard Loates and granted him the exclusivity to produce limited editions of his paintings. Only certain multiple originals or favoured individuals merited Casson's initials.

This limited edition is one of those remarkably printed images painted by one of Canada's most loved and honoured members of the famous Group of Seven artists.

Signature: Yes

Private Collection, Toronto

About A.J. Casson

Canadian, 1898-1992, Toronto, ON, Canada, based in Toronto, ON, Canada

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