AJ Fosik, ‘Aint No Grave’, 2011, Jonathan LeVine Projects

About AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik creates intricate, vividly colored three-dimensional pieces that reference folk art, taxidermy, and cultural ritual. Fosik’s wall pieces and freestanding sculptures of anthropomorphized animals are carefully crafted from hundreds of pieces of wood that he cuts and paints individually by hand. Once the basic forms are complete, he adds threatening teeth, claws, and eyes to give the objects an intimidating presence. Totems and fetishes, as well as the “random, chaotic and arbitrary nature of existence,” fascinate Fosik.

American, Detroit, Michigan, based in Portland, Oregon

Solo Shows on Artsy

Aj Fosik: From Ripe to Rot, Library Street Collective, Detroit
AJ Fosik, Against the Infinite, Jonathan LeVine Projects, New York

Group Shows on Artsy

Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach
A PRIMITIVE FUTURE, Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles
Oh, The Places We Have Been: Rediscovering the Past, Jonathan LeVine Projects, New York