Akihiko Miyoshi, ‘Binary #4’, 2013, Circuit Gallery

About Akihiko Miyoshi

Akihiko Miyoshi begins his artist’s statement by explaining, “I believe we live in a moment when the digital and the inertia of the analog collide with each other, creating an aesthetic and a lived experience unique to our time.” Miyoshi’s work clearly reflects this belief: drawing on his background as a computer engineer, he takes photographs that appear to display glowing pixels in colors like blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow. In reality, Miyoshi turns such analog materials as paper, tape, and mirrors into geometric patterns in order to create these seemingly digital effects. As Aperture notes, “His manipulations often occur before the shutter is released, rather than in the darkroom”—or, for that matter, afterward, on the computer. Miyoshi’s own silhouette tends to linger quietly in the background of his photographs, which he takes with a large-format camera.

Japanese, b. 1974, based in Portland, OR, United States