Al Diaz, ‘Brain Damaged America’, 2016, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

This work was made specifically for this auction. Work ships from NYC.

As the co-creator with Jean-Michel Basquiat of the now (in)famous SAMO© tag, Diaz himself is an icon. However, the art he creates and materials he culls to create it, is equally iconic. Maintaining the subversive, observational tone of his earlier SAMO© tags, Diaz crafts contemporary images that expose the pseudo-religious status of art. To do this, he liberates actual subway signs—iconic emblems of Manhattan culture—and cuts out letters to articulate his concepts. In these works, Diaz is forced to work within a constrained alphabet and tailor the phrase based on the letters to which he has access.
—Courtesy of Lizy Dastin

Signature: Signed

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