Alan Green, ‘Two Angles Three Rectangles To Top’, 1993, Annely Juda Fine Art

About Alan Green

British artist Alan Green’s geometric paintings toe the line between minimalism and abstract expressionism. Green worked within the structure of carefully arranged geometric forms while handling color and paint exuberantly and experimentally. In his large-scale canvases, rectangles and squares of scored crimson, saturated azure, and mottled white vibrate against each other, alluding to the ability of color and form to convey abstract concepts such as energy and emotion. His varied surfaces—layered, burnished, scratched, and collaged—reveal an obsession with material and the formal potential of paint. Perhaps Green’s highest praise came from fellow British painter Francis Bacon who, after standing in the midst of Green’s work, mused, “I wish I could use color like that.”

British, 1932-2003, London, United Kingdom