Albano Afonso, ‘Da série "Cristalização da Paisagem" [From the series "Landscape Crystallization"]’, 2016, Casa Triângulo

About Albano Afonso

Through photographs, installations, projections, and objects, Albano Afonso explores light, to him the intangible element that makes painting, photography, film, and vision itself possible. Afonso is interested in the anatomy of light: its intensity or softness, its ability to both illuminate and obscure, its sources, its symbolic and utilitarian uses, and its beauty. For example, in his 2001 series “Auto-retrato como luz (Self-Portrait as Light)”, he photographed his reflection in windows and mirrors with the flash on, effectively replacing his head with a stunning burst of pure light.

Brazilian, b. 1964, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil, based in São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil