Albert André, ‘Vase of Flowers’, Daphne Alazraki Fine Art

Our painting, Vase de Fleurs,shows the mature development of André's Post-Impressionist style. Like fellow artists of the movement, he favored color, brushstroke, and movement over rigorous likeness to a subject. This still life of flowers in a vase emphasizes the energy and warmth of a typical provincial flower arrangement. Warm red and bright yellow flowers are accented with subtle purple and blue sprigs. The colorful red-orange fabric at right, perhaps a nod to the decorative silk industry of André's home, further balances the painting. The rounded vase itself is painted with casual strokes, but the brushwork is precise enough to indicate the light reflecting on the ceramic glaze and the earthen texture of the clay. With this painting, André has made a delightful study of contrasting colors and surfaces.

Signature: Signed lower right: Albert André

About Albert André

French, 1869-1954, Lyon, France, based in Paris, France