Albert Herter, ‘Instauration #5’, 2015, ICI: Benefit Auction 2017

In addition to detailed drawings filled with Gargantuan and Rabelaisian themes of excess, Brooklyn-based artist and Lacanian psychoanalyst, Albert Herter creates video, installation, and performance art. His works on paper often feature compact, elaborate scenes abundant with detail, dense backgrounds, and dissolving borders. In the Instauration series, theatrical compositions seem to appear as a message from the unconscious. Marionettes struggle to grasp their own strings, exhibiting the Lacanian pain principle, “jouissance,” illustrated by the dialectical interplay between enjoyment and suffering in Herter’s characters.

Herter’s work has been the subject of recent solo exhibitions at Koenig & Clinton, Brooklyn and Partisan Gallery, San Francisco. He has also participated in select group exhibitions at JOAN, Los Angeles; Art in General, New York; Derek Eller, New York; Spiral Gallery, Los Angeles; and Arthouse, McAllen, TX.
—Courtesy of ICI

Image rights: Courtesy the artist and Koenig & Clinton, Brooklyn

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