Albert Paley, ‘Plant Stand with Polychromed Ribbons ’, 2009, The Modern Archive

In 1987, Paley completed the Grand Stairway for the Wortham Center for Performing Arts, In Houston, Texas. (Photos below) Notably this one of his best known public sculptures, and represents the first time color was incorporated into his work. The stairway sculptures are installed on both sides of the grand escalator, and rise up to 22' high and weigh over 30 tons. There the heraldic banners unfurl and wave as if they were created of the lightest ribbons, creating a jubilant promenade and a grand, yet modern entrance. One of the earliest works of decorative arts for Paley was a Plant Stand and here this recent one-of-a-kind work highlights his total mastery with the material including the subtle metallic colorization of the polychromed ribbons. A poetic tour de force on a domestic scale. Marble top 18.5" diameter. Total weight 321 pounds. Unique work.

Signature: Stamped on bottom ring Albert Paley 2009.

Manufacturer: Paley Studios

Paley Studios

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