Alberto Magnani, ‘White Tie’, 2012, Galleria Punto Sull'Arte

Signature: On the back of the canvas

Image rights: PUNTO SULL'ARTE Courtesy Alberto Magnani

"InCorporeo" April 21, 2013 – June 8, 2013

Artist Studio - PUNTO SULL'ARTE

About Alberto Magnani

Alberto Magnani continues the long art historical tradition of the still-life in his photorealistic paintings of men’s suits, colorful ties, pocket squares, piles of denim, and shirts. “For me clothing has a life of its own, even without being worn, not connected with fashion,” he has said. “How fascinating is a shirt hung on a hanger, its soft appearance, its gentle pleats, the thick shadow inside, the clear and straight light on the collar or the sober and stiff look of a jacket or a coat. They are no longer lifeless objects, but become mute actors of our daily comedy.” He uses his various sartorial objects as means to play with form, color, and shadow, meticulously rendering the folds and contours of the fabric. Each item evokes the form of its wearer, even in the absence of any human subjects.

Italian, b. 1945, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy