Aleana Egan, ‘Myrtle chair’, 2014, Kerlin Gallery

About Aleana Egan

Aleana Egan creates abstract collages and sculptures that express nuanced psychological states and sensory experiences, as well as referencing works of literature. Beginning with drawings, Egan invokes her experiences of reading novels, turning them into works made of crude industrial materials such as concrete and plaster, and more delicate ones like paper and cardboard. In a series of sculptures, Egan explores her reading of Emile Zola’s Au Bonheur des Dames, as in Binet’s addition (2010), a large mobile-like structure of three steel circles, separated by vertical rods. Her works are frequently titled after favorite novels, and she has drawn several from the works of Iris Murdoch, including “ended casually in the water,” and “he sat down where a small gap in the reeds showed him a section of water.” “To me the title is a really important element, equal to another material,” she has said. Egan also produces films, including her series of videos “The Readings”, in which the artist shoots people reading aloud from their favorite books.

Irish, b. 1979, Dublin, Ireland, based in Dublin and Berlin