Alejandra Laviada, ‘Bird in Space’, 2014, LaCa Projects

About Alejandra Laviada

Drawn to construction sites in her native Mexico City, Alejandra Laviada makes exquisitely composed color photographs, through which she conveys the raw beauty of demolition and urban renewal. In her early work, she found elegant compositions in partially demolished buildings, precisely framing their interior spaces with her camera. Later, as she explains, she decided to intervene: “I like the idea of working with each material very closely, getting dirty, interacting with the space in an active way and not simply documenting it.” Laviada crafts Modernist-inspired sculptures out of construction detritus, which she photographs on site, producing images that read as hybrids of painting, sculpture, and photography. Her training in painting is evident in her finely balanced compositions, in which she transforms wooden and metal scraps and old furniture into studies of color and form, and poetic meditations on urban transformation.

Mexican, b. 1980, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Mexico City, Mexico