Alejandro Cartagena, ‘Carpooler #35’, 2011, Circuit Gallery

About Alejandro Cartagena

Photographer Alejandro Cartagena delves into Latin American urban, labor, and environmental issues through documentary-style landscapes and portraiture. In his “Suburbia Mexicana” series (2006-09), he revealed the layers of growth and decay intrinsic to the urban sprawl around Monterrey, Mexico, documenting how new housing and commercial developments transform the natural landscape. Rather than overtly condemning these development projects, Cartagena critically examines, as he describes, the line between economically driven development and society’s yearning “for a fairer world in which to live.” His well-known recent “Car Poolers” series captured striking, bird’s-eye-view images of Mexican workers commuting to their jobs in the beds of pickup trucks.

Dominican, b. 1977, Dominican Republic, based in Monterrey, Mexico