Alejandro Vigilante, ‘Google is the answer’, 2015, Amstel Gallery

Based on Pop Art and its most prominent artist in America Alejandro Vigilante has developed with his paintings a concept that contains similes with Internet; the technique he uses is image transfer over acrylic on wood, this would be the surface that would represent the computer screen, divided in multiple spaces, with exact shape and size, like a net, also resembling a network, and incorporating elements of social media like Facebook, Tweeters, Instagram and computer language and keep adding more components as the technology goes forward, because this is one of the sources that nourish his work. The images he uses on his paintings are pictures of worldwide celebrities; however he has used other elements as a subject of his paintings. Starting from a digital image that is intervened with a computer program, he created a bridge between digital art and traditional painting on canvas, without losing the use of the brush.

Signature: verso

Context Art Miami 2015

Huffington Post - September 2015

The artist/Amstel Gallery

About Alejandro Vigilante

The founder of what he calls “the i-Art movement”, Alejandro Vigilante creates humorous and ironic mixed-media works and paintings that draw their subject matter from popular culture. In his “WiFi in the afterlife” series, Vigilante gives voice to iconic figures such as Grace Kelly, Frida Kahlo, and Marilyn Monroe, transferring images of them onto wood, alongside imagined Tweets and social media updates that the figures might have sent in today’s networked culture, and colorful patterns in acrylic paint. “What’s more pop than the internet?” he has asked. Vigilante cites Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg as major influences on his work.

Argentinian, b. 1964, Argentina, based in Miami