Aleksandar Duravcevic, ‘Double Life’, 2016, TOTAH

About Aleksandar Duravcevic

Drawing on his personal experiences following the breakup of Yugoslavia and his immigration to the United States, Aleksandar Duravcevic creates subtle metaphors and unlikely juxtapositions in his art. New York-based Duravcevic is particularly interested in the cultural and identity confusion he experienced as someone born in the ethnically diverse country of Montenegro. Duravcevic’s work, which is featured in the 2015 Venice Biennale, relies on studies of contrasts and opposites. The artist often uses black paper and mirrors as the surface for his realistic drawings of animals and anatomy. By trading in the conventional white background for a dark one, Duravcevic inverts expectations, rendering seemingly familiar images alien. This sense of unfamiliarity and alienation recalls the feelings experienced by Duravcevic as an immigrant.

Montenegrin, b. 1970