Aleksandr Ilich Fomkin, ‘Strait of Kierch’, 1966, Surikov Foundation

A true successor of the Russian Realist School. Fomkin always set himself the task of painting to convey the beauty of the Russian land. He portrayed Central Russia and loved the ancient land of Tver that occupies an essential place in his landscapes. Always attached great importance to the work of the artist in the open air and the direct perception of nature. In his works Fomkin strive for accuracy and tactile specificity.

Alexander Fomkin was born in the village of Elizavetino, in the Orel region in 1924. In 1929 the family moved to Moscow. He first attended the secondary art school, the preparatory school for the Surikov Institute (1939-1944). In 1943, the most promising students from the preparatory school were evacuated to Bashkeria in order to escape the approaching Germans. After the war, on the recommendation of S.V. Gerasimov was enrolled in the Surikov Institute in Moscow without entrance examinations, graduating in 1950 from the studio of P. Kotov. At the Surikov Institute he studied under professors V.V. Pochitailovo and M.V. Dobroserdov. In 1953, while working on his Tesis, he was offered a teaching position at the Surikov, and teaching became his life's work. He obtained his post-graduate degree in 1955. And then, the young Doctor made a move difficult to understand and accept by his colleagues: instead of following the path of Socialist Realism, walked to where his soul took him "to the landscape of a quiet place, the still lifes and psychological portraits". And if Russian Realist Painting is still a healthy phenomenon, a part of the merit is Fomkin´s. Fomkin died in 1999.

Awards: People's Painter of Russia, Honoured Artist of the RSFSR, Honorary Member of the Academy of Eurasia, Chair of the Painting Department at the Surikov Institute, PhD at Surikov Institute (1955), Official Critic of Art and Advisor of diverse Russian Museums, Member of the Union of Russian Artist.

Exhibitions: Fomkin performed numerous exhibitions in Russia since 1951 and took part in sales exhibitions of modern Russian painters in Poland, China, Italy, Germany and Spain. From the year 2000 to 2012 his works have been exhibited in sixteen museums throughout Spain in the collective exhibition "Rusia Siglo XX".

Collections: His works can be found in museums throughout Russia as well as in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, England, USA, and Spain.

Dolores Tomás´s Collection includes 71 paintings by Aleksandr Fomkin.

Dolores Tomás 20th Century Russian Painting Collection

About Aleksandr Ilich Fomkin

Russian, 1924-2000, Elizavetino (Orel Region), based in Moscow, Russia