Alekssandre Fortunato, ‘Yusef Always stands’, 2017, Amref Health Africa: Benefit Auction 2017


Artist Biography
Alekssandre Fortunato was born in 1991 in Chibia, Angola. He has made a name for himself as a model, actor and events promoter in South Africa and Angola where he in actuality volunteers with "Fundaçao Arte e Cultura" on social projects for disadvantaged drug dependent homeless kids. Alekssandre Fortunato is a self-taught Artist and follows this dream passionately.
— *Courtesy of Alekssandre Fortunato

Signature: Signed on recto

Image rights: Courtesy of Alekssandre Fortunato

The 5th Edition (JAANGO) National 2016, Collective Exhibition of five Angolan artists, ELA Espaço Luanda Arte (ELA), Angola, 2016

Angola: Angolan Artists Expose in Space Luanda Art, Agencia Angola Presse, July, 2016; ANGOLAN BLOGGER: FIRST ANGEL PLATFORM LUANDA - ANGOLA BLOGS, Sept 2016; Young Angolan artists expose modern art, SampoBanda, Nov 2013

Alekssandre Fortunato