Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck, ‘2 corrupted files from page 12, [m6], From the series 'Los Manolos, Plan Caracas No. 2, 1974-1976'’, 2006-2008, Galerie Martin Janda

Series: Edition 3/3

About Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck

Since the 1990s, Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck has developed a hybrid practice that incorporates many mediums. He draws from the processes of curators, historians, and archivists to create narratives from scavenged materials, found archives, and the works of others. His projects have included sculptural objects, films, collages, conceptual installations, and—in the case of some of his best-known work—digitally created photographs made with a faulty scanner. Sometimes, his works take the form of provocative cultural and political statements, which he refers to as narrative “entanglements”. Balteo Yazbeck’s work questions notions of authorship, art historical study, cultural authority, and the dynamics of power in history and contemporary society.

Venezuelan, b. 1972, Caracas, Venezuela, based in Berlin, Germany

Solo Shows

Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck: Modern Entanglements

Group Shows

New York, NY, USA,
Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy
New York, USA,
Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy
Salsali Private Museum, 
Dubai - United Arab Emirates,
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