Alex Achaval, ‘Blaine Blue’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Born in 1986, Alex Acheval’s work can be described in many different categories, especially contemporary portraiture. With the added uncharacteristic element or found object seen throughout the “paintbrush girl” series, in which wooden brushes are applied to canvas or wood panel after seeing such an idea in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Acheval’s work represents the obstacles one must overcome in life, of overpainting and pretending it never existed or embracing it. Achaval creates a unity between disjointed elements as if they were always meant to exist together. His works can be described as painted collages which range in subject matter and theme, but almost all feature a strong female form with a world of imagery colliding around her. By not following logical criteria, but instead basing only on subjective associations and formal parallels, the viewer is able to experience a new personal association.

Alex Acheval lives and works in Seattle and is founder of Artificial Gallery in Pike place market.

As the title suggests, Blaine Blue takes the colour blue as the main motif for the otherwise grey and white portrait of the girl who looks out towards the viewer. With a piercing gaze, a paintbrush takes the centre of her face as the solid blue paint drips down past the mouth and onto the canvas.

About Alex Achaval

based in Seattle, WA, United States