Alex Brown, ‘Garden’, 2010, Galerie Richard

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About Alex Brown

Alex Brown’s paintings combine realism with mesmerizing, patterned abstract grids, ovals, cubes, biomorphic shapes, and other geometries. Beginning with found photographs of portraits, landscapes, and still lifes, he implements a series of abstract transformations, sometimes using digital editing to break the image up into different pixelated or ovular forms. The illusion is essential; he takes a completely recognizable object and challenges the viewer to see it anew, his work somehow reminiscent of the paintings of Victor Vasarely and Georges Seurat. In Evening Time (2010), Brown begins with the portrait of a man and transforms it into a surface of intersecting beige and brown polygons, his brushstroke indistinguishable from the illusion that the painting has been digitally stretched or twisted.

American, b. 1966, based in Des Moines, Iowa

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