Alex Cerveny, ‘José interpretando os sonhos do Faraó (Pico da Neblina) [Joseph interpreting pharaoh's dreams (Mist Peak)]’, 2013, Casa Triângulo

About Alex Cerveny

In his drawings, etchings, and paintings, Alex Cerveny invents an imaginative visual language through which he transforms childhood memories and emotions into works “constructed in the form of a dream,” as he describes. In his works, Cerveny melds the purely fantastical with references to current events, pop culture, history, literature, and religion, which he compares to pages from a notebook or a diary. Like the Day We Met (2011), for example, features a male figure, dressed in a toga, approaching a circular brick tower out of which a female head emerges like smoke, a scene at once reminiscent of Biblical narrative and a universal expression of love and longing.

Brazilian, b. 1963, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil, based in São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil