Alex Da Corte, ‘Tall Tee’, 2012, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2013
Alex Da Corte, ‘Tall Tee’, 2012, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2013

The New Jersey-born Da Corte lived in Caracas, Venezuela until he was eight, and has carried with him the celebratory life-and-death motifs of Latin American culture to his present-day work—from sequined piñatas to grotesque takes on consumer advertisements.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Joe Sheftel Gallery

About Alex Da Corte

Working as an “anthropologist of the immediate past,” artist Alex Da Corte creates sculpture with the colorful artifacts of turn-of-the-21st-century consumer culture. Da Corte’s reworked everyday objects—both the generic and the branded—take on an otherworldly quality in his constructed environments, videos, and digitally collaged images, or as material, in the case of his shampoo paintings. “I don’t think of sculpture as static, as dead objects. I think of them as tracing an action,” the artist has said of his work. “Sculpture is the unraveling of a familiar object.” In Da Corte’s practice, such unraveling often involves bright colors and crisp advertising imagery, and cameos by pop-culture figures like an ersatz version of Eminem played by the artist himself.

American, b. 1980, Camden, New Jersey, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Solo Shows

Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson: Easternsports
London, United Kingdom,
White Rain
Wake Gallery, 
Detroit, MI, United States,
Alex Da Corte: Magic Stick

Group Shows

New York,
Here Comes
Zach Feuer Gallery, 
New York, NY, United States,
This Is This
New York ,
While it Lasts
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