Alex Mirutziu, ‘Do you still love me?’, 2017, MLF | MARIE-LAURE FLEISCH

About Alex Mirutziu

Alex Mirutziu incorporates autobiographical elements into his performance-, installation-, and object-based practice. “My work traverses processes that refer to the body when it is at war with itself; addresses issues of self-familiarization, mediation, and interaction, framed via social processes and ephemeral emergence,” the artist has said. A queer Romanian artist who grew up in the waning days and aftermath of the Soviet Union, Mirutziu now lives in both Cluj and London, navigating between the two distinct cultures and national histories. Although Mirutziu’s work does not always explicitly incorporate his body, he uses it as an index and generating mechanism for his art. The artist views his body both as an emotional archive of his feelings and a site where ideological conflicts play out.

Romanian, b. 1981, Sibiu, Romania, based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania