Alex Osborne, ‘Me Me’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Alex Osborne is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work stems from his curiosity and investigation into the perceptual possibilities of colour and the diverse media in which he works. For the past year, Osborne’s practice has centred on challenging spatial dimensions and examining the relationship between organic design inherent to the handmade and the perfect symmetry that can be achieved through digital manipulation.

Through this digital platform, Osborne alters the visual format to create psychedelic compositions that are at once dizzying and serene. With his newest body of work, Osborne embraces chance and unique incidents that emerge as he paints. Employing a range of media, including acrylic paint, resin, glue and collaged pieces of fabric, Osborne relinquishes the control that he maintains with his digital work to realise inventive compositions that evoke the fortuitousness and conceptual rigour of the early Dada. Approaching painting as an experience, Osborne creates works that are at once cemented in personal experience, yet evoke celestial landscapes that defy specific categorisation. Experimenting with fluidity, Osborne investigates how things develop when uninterrupted and discovers the ways in which he can insert himself into this process to influence the outcome. Finding a balance between allowing his paintings to form themselves and guiding their construction is the driving force behind Osborne’s creative impulse.

Me Me features a softer and smaller explosion of colour bursting through in comparison to his other works. Despite its pastel tones of powder blue, greens, yellow and overall rose and blush pink aesthetic, the bursting of colour appears much tamer and in control. Besides the use of colour, the image also appears to be a mirror reflection where Osborne successfully disperses colour to create waves around the image to create an optical illusion of disorder.