Alex Roskin, ‘Alex Roskin, Racine Side Table, USA, 2017’, 2017, Todd Merrill Studio

Alex Roskin’s Racine Side Table reflects modernist and primitivist influences.

The console’s sculpted shape resembles an anatomical form. The top is hand carved walnut while the base of the table, bowed and sinuous, fluidly extends to meet hand-carved walnut legs.

Inspired by innovative designers including Richard Serra, Wendel Castle, and Constantin Brancusi, Alex Roskin’s works blend functional and artistic design. Of his own work, Roskin notes: “I try with each piece to create a stance and a presence, some with more contrapposto. I aim to give each piece a feeling that it’s inhaling or ready to make a move. I try to steer clear of the decorative, but to draw on mass, volume, line, negative space, and my love of materials and the craft of working with them.” Roskin and his wife, a painter, live and work in Ancram, New York.

Custom designs may be commissioned.

True Bronze, Walnut,
29 h x 16 w x 22 1/2d in

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