Alexander Apóstol, ‘Ensayando la postura nacional’, 2010, Mor Charpentier

About Alexander Apóstol

Alexander Apóstol is a multimedia conceptual artist who engages with a politically charged history of Latin America through the lenses of urban planning, culture, and architecture. His body of work is comprised of photographs, films, installations, and texts. A recurring subject in Apóstol’s work is the 1950s and the architectural planning simultaneously taking place in a number of countries, like the modernist planning of Caracas, Venezuela; Le Corbusier’s designs for Bogotá, Colombia; and the erection of the Dodgers Stadium in Chavez Ravine. Apóstol’s rendering of these events seeks to establish the connection between development and marginalization, and often makes provocative statements suggesting the delusion of progress and democracy.

Venezuelan, b. 1969, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, based in Madrid, Spain and Caracas, Venezuela