Alexander Krivosheiw, ‘Moore's Canova’, 2013, Cavalier Galleries

About Alexander Krivosheiw

Alexander Krivosheiw forges bronze and aluminum into dynamic, curvilinear forms that suggest notions of Futurism. Merging abstraction and representation, he seeks to “create physical shape through thought,” he says, and bring permanence to fleeting expression. His influences include Greek mythology, archaeology, social anthropology, and industrial design. Krivosheiw’s interest in the movement of natural forms developed at a young age, and the artist first worked with clay before transitioning to marble. He ultimately decided that metal possessed the longevity, strength, and elegance that he desired. He welds, polishes, and shapes his metal by hand, employing traditional techniques that he learned and refined during an apprenticeship with sculptor Kevin Barrett.

American, b. 1976, Brooklyn, New York