Alexander Kroll, ‘Dogs and Lakes and Electricity ’, 2016, Fredric Snitzer Gallery

About Alexander Kroll

Alexander Kroll fully embraced abstraction and improvisation in painting only after moving to Los Angeles: “I never planned these paintings,” he says. “In fact, they’re really a lot like Los Angeles: there is a total lack of concern with planning.” Kroll, who considers himself a lifelong student of the “technology of painting,” is known for his mixed-media, multi-layered works, in which oil, acrylic, and enamel bleed and run into one anther. Layers are integral to Kroll’s imagery and process; he employs underpainting, collage, and subtractive techniques to imbue a work with multiple surfaces. Since moving to California, Kroll has also been able to paint works in a greater variety of sizes, though he is careful no work is ever larger than his own arm span. In that way, all of his works physically correspond to his body.

American, b. 1981, based in Los Angeles, California

Solo Shows

James Harris Gallery, 
Alexander Kroll: "Imaginary"

Group Shows

CB1 Gallery, 
Los Angeles,

Fair History on Artsy

James Harris Gallery at Seattle Art Fair 2016
James Harris Gallery at PULSE Miami Beach 2014
Fredric Snitzer Gallery at The Armory Show 2013