Alexander Ney, ‘Light Blue Head’, 1988, GALLERY SHCHUKIN

Gallery Shchukin Collection

About Alexander Ney

Though Alexander Ney works fluidly between a variety of mediums and materials, he is best known for his elaborate terracotta works, which are characterized by the use of simplified forms, representational subject matter, geometric patterns, and surfaces marked by incisions or depressions. Ney began his artistic career in his native Soviet Russia, and was mentored by the sculptor V. V. Lishev. In the 1970s he immigrated to the United States because of his stylistic differences with Russia’s then-dominant Socialist Realism. Ney’s style is heavily influenced by European modernist movements, as well as by Prehistoric artifacts and those of early civilizations.

Russian-American, b. 1939, St. Petersburg, Russia, based in New York, New York