Alexandra Gestin, ‘Totem’, 2016, Villa Domus

Signature: Signed and numbered

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and gallery

Every face is a place that has affected my life, says Anna Gavalda. There is that in the works of Alexandra Gestin. For her inspiration, a face, a look or even a photograph. Then with all her energy she starts to work and rework her subject, shaping and moving the clay and argile without stopping. The gesture is beautiful, generous. Her works show a truth, they have style. Her talent is in her contrasts, strength and gentleness, solid but fragile. A wonderful chemistry which is reflected in the work and the personality of Alexandra Gestin.

Destiny soon took the young Alexandra far away from her native country and her artist-architect grandfather on a number of amazing voyages that gave her, her passion for art. In North Africa, her love for sculpture becomes a passion. In Asia, she is inspired and discovers her first subjects that are now iconic.

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About Alexandra Gestin

French, b. 1967, Guérande, France, based in Belgium

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