Alexandra Romano, ‘Fire Dance’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Alexandra Romano is an emerging artist living and working in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She works primarily with acrylics as well as oil, ink and spray paint to create unique pieces. Her passion is to create eye catching art which includes bold colours; modern abstracts that stand out as a focal point in any space; a conversation piece. Work is often inspired by nature and expresses the freedom and emotion inside at the time of painting. She explores techniques and styles, relying on gravity and a natural intuitive approach while creating her fluid paintings. She uses palette knives to create texture with oil to give the piece an interesting depth. Alexandra takes joy in being present during the whole process as she observes a piece come to life, layer by layer. Fire Dance is an original abstract mixed media painting executed freely with drip style technique and palette knives. The name was inspired from the bold vibrant warm hues and organic lines that dance around the canvas. She used Acrylic and Ink on this piece. Its a really strong piece, its intricate with its woven marks. A really interesting piece with uplifting happy colours.