Alexandra Romano, ‘Transcendence’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Alexandra Romano was born in Mississauga, near Toronto, Canada.
An abstract artist, she delights in the freedom of abstraction and the ability to explore impressionism and expressionism, which are frequently inspired by nature and incorporate texture, geometric elements and bold beautiful colours. She enjoys creating stylish, eye-catching artwork for fashionable homes and commercial sites.

Romano named this piece Transcendence II due to the process involved. Using a meditative process the colours are chosen by just being in the here and now; letting the present moment take importance and allowing creativity to flow through.

With an overwhelming motif of blue, Transcendence part of a two part collection showcases Romano's brilliant knowledge and understanding of colour introducing vivid burgundy, purple, teal, orange, white and black to create an energy filled wave of impasto acrylic on canvas.