Alexandre Arrechea, ‘NOLIMITS (Chrysler)’, 2013, Friends Seminary: Benefit Auction 2017

Framed. With Frame: 22 1/2 x 22 in.

Preliminary online bidding closes on March 9th at 4:00PM EST. Online bids will be transferred and executed at the benefit event later that night.

Image rights: Courtesy of Magnan Metz Gallery

About Alexandre Arrechea

In 2003, Alexandre Arrechea left the artist collective Los Carpinteros to pursue creating his multimedia art under his own name. His earlier works explore common themes of surveillance in contemporary society, the loss of privacy, and sources of power, though more recent works deal with contemporary social and economic issues like the stock market and migrants in Latin America. His experiential installations like The Garden of Mistrust (2003-5) and Perpetual Free Entrance (2006) in particular deal with issues of accessibility and the qualities of public and private space. His practice includes installation, painting, and the use of what he considers are objects with “elements of truth”; this last category has included found remnants of places, like debris, fragments of walls, and measuring tape.

Cuban, b. 1970, Trinidad, Cuba, based in New York, NY, USA