Alexandre Hogue, ‘#45’, 1970, Thomas French Fine Art

According to Susie Kalil, noted scholar and expert on the work of Alexandre Houge, this image was inspired by Hogue's interest in Persian calligraphy. Hogue studied this art at the New York Public Library in the 1920s while working as a hand-lettering specialist. In 1970, Hogue made about 80 such drawings, using a lettering brush while experimenting with the correct dampness of ink and carefully chiseling the shapes.

Signature: Signed, titled, and dated in pencil by the artist

Susie Kalil, "Alexandre Hogue: An American Visionary" (Stephenville, TX, Tarleton State University Southwestern Studies in the Humanities: 2010)

About Alexandre Hogue

American, 1898-1994, Memphis, MO, United States, based in Oklahoma, United States