Alexandre Singh, ‘The Present’, 2013, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2013

Singh is an artist, writer, and director whose practice weaves fact and fiction, photo-collages, and installations—getting lost in the creative process, as he describes. “Often when you go very deeply into another world you realize that it’s made up of hallucinations, like a dream, and that it sometimes calls up existential or social questions,” he says.

Image rights: Courtesy of Spruth Magers Gallery, Galerie Art: Concept, Metro Pictures Gallery, and Monitor Gallery

About Alexandre Singh

Equally concerned with objects and ideas, Alexandre Singh’s work is hard to categorize. He works conceptually, presenting lectures that weave fact and fiction, photo-collages, and installations. Referencing diverse disciplines such as science, business, magic, industry, and art history, Singh’s projects uncover unexpected connections and intersections. In his “Assembly Instructions” series, such as (IKEA) (2008), Singh starts with the furniture store’s floor plan, and, using images presented on projectors and transparencies, crafts a philosophical narrative about the nature of human consciousness.

French-British, b. 1980, Bordeaux, France, based in New York, New York

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