Alexandre Vogler, ‘Fresneu 1 / Projection’, 2014, A Gentil Carioca

About Alexandre Vogler

Alexandre Vogler’s provocative artistic interventions comment on Brazil’s social and political landscape and explore the dissolution of high and low art. For his intervention and video work Olho Grande (great eye) (2002) Vogler responded to an initiative of the Rio de Janeiro police force, who in 2002 dispatched a zeppelin to survey the city’s crime centers; the artist launched his own balloon into public space, prompting discourse about living conditions in the city. In 2007 Vogler invited individuals to draw freely with colored pencils on reproduced images of a naked female model pictured in Brazilian Playboy, thereby addressing sexual desire and suggesting that the form and language of consumerism and high art are interchangeable.

Brazilian, b. 1973

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A Gentil Carioca at SP-Arte 2014
A Gentil Carioca at ArtRio 2013