Alexis Arnold, ‘Banded Bar’, 2013, Tappan

"The Concretions series came about by thinking about what I could do with the plastic bags and bubble wrap that accumulate in my house and studio, along with excess wet concrete from other pieces. The impetus is an attempt to transform ubiquitous materials into something new, both the bag as a mold and the concrete as material. The plastic creates a smooth, sometimes glossy surface (depending on the plastic) and pillowy folds and dents that seem to tempt viewers to want to experience the pieces tactilely. The application of the 24K gold leaf or gold spray paint further pushes the aesthetic qualities of concrete through the contrast of materials. The series is titled Concretions in reference to the geologic formations, as well as the idea of geologic time, which are common themes in my work." - Alexis Arnold

Signature: The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity.

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