Alexis Arnold, ‘Yellow Little Universe’, 2015, Tappan
Alexis Arnold, ‘Yellow Little Universe’, 2015, Tappan

DO NOT DISPLAY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT (fire danger from glass)
In Little Universes, optical glass spheres are perfectly hugged by concrete pillows. Hidden under the glass and at times invisible, is a galaxy of color that can explode depending on light and viewing position. In addition to an exploration of disparate materials and their individual expectations, Little Universes are part of a series of works that provide chromatic experiences that address individual perception of color and colors intrinsic reliance on light. Several pieces in the series interpret the rods and cones in eyes that are responsible for perception of different colors and can differ greatly between individuals and species. Furthermore, the glass spheres flip any background imagery viewed through them, illustrating what our eyes see before our brains upright the images.

Signature: The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity.

About Alexis Arnold

American, based in San Francisco, CA, United States