Alexis Dahan, ‘New York Cobblestone’, 2017, Patrick Parrish Gallery

Edition of sculptures designed by French artist Alexis Dahan. This project follows a public intervention dating back to when Dahan removed a cobblestone from a New York street and exchanged it with one extracted from Paris. Each sculpture is a cement cast of the original cobblestone. Signed with the edition number on the bottom. Edition of 50 per city.

About Alexis Dahan

Alexis Dahan’s pristine photographs and plucky public interventions explore social and spatial dynamics by abstracting familiar places, objects, and forms. Recalling artist wanderers cum political agitators like Francis Alÿs and Jeremy Deller, Dahan maps his contemporary urban experience in images and performances that challenge standard modes of perception. For his “The Sky is Shaped by its City Buildings” series, Dahan traveled through city streets around the world, capturing corners of buildings and slivers of sky. By enhancing the contrast of the images, he transformed recognizable cityscapes into stark black-and-white abstractions void of a sense of place. In “We Serve Selected Texts,” Dahan cheekily installed a found food cart in a high-traffic New York City Park. The irreverent twist: he sold philosophical texts—instead of hot dogs—to unsuspecting passersby.

French, b. 1982, Paris, France, based in New York, New York

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