Alfie Bowen, ‘That Look You Gave Me ’, Flat Space Art

An adult female African Lion stares into my camera lens. My preferred style when it comes to portraiture is to shoot at eye-level with the subject, but sometimes, as in this shot, shooting from different positions can work well and offer differing perspectives. My instinct was to capture this image from above, many will criticise this approach but then again, rules are there to be broken and this is essential to creating fresh, impactful imagery in an era that is content rich. In my opinion, the decision paid off- this is a very powerful image. Shooting front on would of resulted in a cluttered composition; the eyes needed to be the clear centre of attention.

Alfie Bowen first took up photography in 2014 following a life-long interest in our natural world. He was fed-up with seeing little being done about the plight facing many species across the world and so decided to use his love of photography to raise awareness. Alfie says “People tend to care more for the things they love; I hope to make people fall in love with our natural world so we can save it before it’s too late. We share planet earth with many other species and it is our responsibility to care for them and ensure that they are thriving for future generations to enjoy. Currently we are on track to be remembered as the generation that let the elephant slip into extinction — do we really want to leave this earth with that reputation forever hanging over us?” Bowen always researches the species he is aiming to photograph before setting foot in the field — he says “it is important to know the behaviour of your subject and to be aware of the images that already exist — there is no room for the mundane”. Hours are invested into every piece to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Bowen’s work has been shown by the BBC and hangs in houses in Spain, America and France. 2017 saw his first single-man exhibition; a sell-out within four hours. Not only is Bowen’s work a beautiful depiction of our natural world but it is also a solid investment — the value of his work continues to rise.

About Alfie Bowen

English, b. 1998, based in London, UK