Alfred Daguet, ‘Group Shot of Alfred Daguet Boxes’, 1895-1905, Jason Jacques Gallery

About Alfred Daguet

Alfred-Louis-Achille Daguet was a metalsmith who specialized in repoussé copper panels made for application to hinged boxes, mantel clocks, picture frames, album covers, and elements of desk sets. His delicately rendered images of flowers, birds, sea creatures, bats, and an occasional gorilla were enriched with colorful cabochons, giving them a medieval appearance. Daguet, whose workshop was located above Siegfried Bing's famed boutique L'Art Nouveau, provided Bing's shop with metal-clad objets d'art. Famed actress Sarah Bernhardt owned pieces designed by Daguet. His work was exhibited at La Société des Artistes Français in 1903 and 1904. [Source: Jason Jacques]