Alfred Seiland, ‘Mount Nemrut, Turkey, from the series 'Imperium Romanum'’, 2011, Kicken Berlin

Signature: v signed, titled, dated, editioned

Image rights: Copyright Alfred Seiland / Courtesy Kicken Berlin

About Alfred Seiland

The photographs of Alfred Seiland may appear staged, but in fact, the artist carefully searches for the perfect place and waits for the perfect moment to capture. In pursuit of such scenes, the Austrian photographer has traveled along the East and West coasts of the United States, from north to south, in a variation of the usual cross-country road trip. In the spirit of Stephen Shore, his photographs cast an objective eye on the human landscape, with a focus on color, light, and line (especially a strong horizontal), pattern, and surface. To create the images, he uses a four-by-five camera with no filter and a long exposure; the results are realistic images that he methodically corrects and perfects to create a pictorial narrative and “a mood and space that seems to exist only in and for that picture.”

Austrian , b. 1952, St. Michael, Austria

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