Alfredo Bovio Di Giovanni, ‘Senza Titolo V’, 1991-1994, Bill Lowe Gallery

About Alfredo Bovio Di Giovanni

Self-taught artist Alfredo Bovio di Giovanni roamed the European continent during the decades bracketing WWII, absorbing a range of avant-garde artistic influences and life experiences that would shape his oil-on-canvas paintings. His journey began in 1930 in Paris, where he encountered the works of Van Gogh and the post-Impressionists, as well as the Symbolists. His early compositions reflect these influences, with their boldly colored, dreamlike scenes and enigmatic figures. By 1935, after a period in Monaco, where he became interested in the Cavaliere Azzuro group, he was living in Spain, inspired by Goya’s work and fighting in the Spanish Civil War. Before returning to Italy in 1954, he added Surrealism and Abstraction to his list of influences. These coalesce in Di Giovanni’s mature works, richly colored abstractions with hints of representation and infused with the inventiveness that characterized his approach to life.

Italian , 1907-1995, Fontana Liri, Italy, based in Naples, Italy