Alice Channer, ‘Landslide’, 2014, kestnergesellschaft

Image rights: Photo: Raimund Zakowski

About Alice Channer

In her enticingly tactile mixed-media sculptures, Alice Channer explores the world, responding to its composition of animate beings and inanimate objects, the ever-present traces of history, and the natural and industrial processes by which it is shaped. “I would describe the work as me talking to myself and…the world that I live in and the objects and the materials and the processes that it’s made up of, and that we interact with as part of our existence,” she describes. Inspired by the materials with which she works—including textiles, metals, resin, and digital technology—Channer foregrounds the physical qualities of her sculptures as much as their conceptual content. Whether overtly (metal casts of her own fingers) or subtly (undulating forms resembling spinal chords), all of her works reference the body and celebrate the alchemy of creation.

British, b. 1977, Oxford, United Kingdom

Group Shows

Future Gallery, 
The Cable Guys II