Alice Miceli, ‘14 hours, 54 minutes, 59,9 ... seconds (Dízima Periódica)’, 2006-2007, Galeria Nara Roesler

About Alice Miceli

Using tools famous for being time-based—video and still camera—Alice Miceli produces evocative videos and photographs focused on time and the way it is expressed mathematically, philosophically, in history, and in the body itself. She experiments with time, manipulating the duration of moving images, based on mathematical formulas, so that, for example, she shows sprinters caught in a perpetual present, racing to a finish line that never arrives. In Projeto Chernobyl (2007-09), her best-known and most ambitious project to date, included in the 29th Bienal de São Paulo (2010), Miceli embarked upon an exploration of how history bleeds into the present. Armed with a pinhole camera loaded with film sensitive only to gamma radiation, she roamed the Chernobyl exclusion zone, recording the enduring effects of the 1986 nuclear disaster on the contemporary landscape.

Brazilian, b. 1980