Alicja Kwade, ‘Untitled’, 2014, Galleri Nicolai Wallner
Alicja Kwade, ‘Untitled’, 2014, Galleri Nicolai Wallner

A piece of bronze extends from a mirror along the floor, creating a juxtaposition between
the image in the mirror, and the physical reality.

About Alicja Kwade

Alicja Kwade’s mixed-media works manipulate mental perceptions and physical experiences of how the body inhabits space and time. Kwade frequently uses imperfect doubling, mirror images, and repetition in her practice. For example, Dimension +1-+9 (2012) and Dimension -1--9 (2012) are a pair of clocks ticking just faster and slower than one second; Nissan (Parallelwelt 1 + 2) (2009) features two Nissan cars as mirror images, including topical scratches. Her common materials include items found in everyday life—like coins, metal pipes, mirrors, glass, lights, and bicycles—that she then distorts to create sensory illusions. The results, sometimes slouching or stretching, can appear anthropomorphic. A recent installation Durchbruch durch Schwäche (Breakthrough Through Weakness) (2011), comprised of over 300 clock weights, was based on the closing sequence of Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception.

Polish, b. 1979, Katowice, Poland, based in Berlin, Germany