Alighiero Boetti, ‘A braccia conserte’, Christie's

New York, Daniele Ugolini Contemporary, Alighiero Boetti, November-December 1999.

Mariangela De Gaetano, Rome

Galleria Fontanella Borghese, Rome

Acquired from the above by the present owner

About Alighiero Boetti

Conceptual artist Alighiero e Boetti was associated with the Arte Povera movement. Heavily influenced by his travels to Afghanistan, in his "Mappa" series (1971-92), Boetti directed Afghan craftswomen to embroider maps with geopolitical entities represented by their flags. His 1993 work Alternating 1 to 100 and Vice Versa, a kilim (woven tapestry), similarly recruited others for the design and execution. Boetti was preoccupied with the tension between order and disorder or chance, as seen in his recurring grid structures. Viewing himself as a dual being, he introduced the "e" (meaning "and") into his name to signify a twinned nature.

Italian, 1940-1994, Turin, Italy