Alina Carp, ‘Untamed, Necklace’, 2016, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross
Alina Carp, ‘Untamed, Necklace’, 2016, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

This neckpiece was part of the 2016 edition of GiF which was inspired by the theme of Freedom and Constraint.

Two powerful yet opposite concepts evolve, they are like the night and the day, the reality and the ideality, the perfect and the imperfect. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: "Freedom and constraint are two aspects of the same necessity, which is to be what one is and no other." The image of a horse roaming freely on a field represent one of the greatest feeling of breaking the barriers, of liberty. This majestic animal accompanied man from the very beginning of the humankind. He is loyal, powerful, positive, trustful, being everything one needs to overcome difficulties or to find the wild, not censored, limitless freedom.

GiF 2016, Torre Fornello, Valtidone, Italy.

Gioielli in Fermento, The Gallery at Reinstein| Ross, October 20-November 27, 2016

About Alina Carp

Romanian, b. 1967, Bucharest, Romania, based in Bucharest, Romania