Alina Gozin'a, ‘Tine I’, Wentworth Galleries

It's important to see images from the actual exhibition to see how the work looks when it's framed because the frame is an art work in itself (scroll through). The technology behind the mirrored frames and uniquely engineered light boxes create utterly unique and arresting reflections so subtle they can only be caught at a certain angles. These 5 refections within each art work create a sublime effect. More about this in the review essay by Nicholas Forrest - link here

Series: At Your Door - The Doormen of New York

Image rights: Alina Gozin'a

Wentworth Galleries Sydney November 30th - December 16 2017

About Alina Gozin'a

Russian-Australian, Russia, based in Sydney, Australia and New York, NY, United States