Alisa Rawls, ‘El Diablo’, 2016, Flat Space Art
Alisa Rawls, ‘El Diablo’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Born in 1988 in Elgin, Illinois to a Puerto Rican father and African American mother, Alisa's artwork is a fusion of the two cultures that also merges Abstract with modern art. Alisa's influences include: Julio Rosado De Valle, Henri Matisse, Helen Frankentheler and Charles Alston. Her most recent collection, titled Tiempo, was inspired by the death of her brother who was murdered in 2015. The clocks in the paintings represent the time when his life ended and the artist holds on to his memory by incorporating him in the paintings.

Alisa's work can be found in private art collections both in the United States and abroad, she is having several exhibitions this year. She currently lives and works in Andalusia, Alabama.

El Diablo with its washes of red, blue, black and cream depict an abstract imagination of the artist where the title of the Devil brings negative connotations to the piece. With the clock which is often featured in her works representing time, or life ending, Rawls work stimulates conversation and thought for the viewer.

About Alisa Rawls

b. 1988, Elgin, IL, United States, based in Andalusia, AL, United States